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Plenty of party people at Priston Mill, Bath

The wedding guests at Priston Mill near Bath, didn’t need much encouragement to get involved wirh Singing Waiters Mike and Simon.

From the first song the guests were on there feet.

The bride and groom had seen 1st Call Singing Waiters at a previous wedding and as the groom said…

..a wedding without you guys is boring…you were amazing..

Creating Chaos in Cardiff

Cardiff Hotel, The New House, was the one of this weeks venues for 1st Call Singing Waiters.

The occasion was to celebrate the birthday of Julie.

It was surprises all round, as it was a surprise party….she had no idea and her delight and shock was clear to hear in the exclaimations of delight.

1st Call Singing Waiters, Emma, Amanda, Mike and Simon were on hand to add to the surprise by switching from servers to singers at the right moment.

This quote from one of the guests summed up the evening…

You guys were amazing, we couldn’t believe we were doing the conga at quarter-past eight!!

Fabulous wedding fun in Fareham 

Singing Waiters, Simon and Adam were in Fareham this weekend delighting guests at the Solent Hotel and Spa near Fareham.

Even the Bride, who had booked us, couldn’t work out who the Singing Waiters were.

It wasn’t until they sprung the surprise after serving the desserts that the singing waiters were finally revealed.

As always the table at the back were the most raucous, which only added to the fun.

Everyone was on there feet for the last two songs and ended with big cheers all round for the Singing Waiters

Waiters wow with a wealth of surprises in Windsor

1st Call Singing Waiters were invited to surprise 300 guests at the BDO Annual Audit Conference at Beaumont House Hotel in Windsor.

Accountancy firm BDO had staff from all over the world at their annual conference.

They were very surprised by the singing waiters who were dressed exactly the same as the venues own staff and burst into song as desserts were served.